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Per aspera ad astra

(Latin: “Through hardships to the stars”.)

The Team

Starbattle is being developed by a two man indie team, located at the city of Vienna: Markus “Max” Haschny and Philipp “Princess” Kock.

Being a part of the professional gaming industry, Max and Philipp met in 2008 at a big Austrian game dev studio. Together they worked on several titles for PC, Nintendo Wii, DS, Xbox360 and Playstation 3 – as well as on mobile and free to play projects.

Philipp Kock

Philipp Kock

Born 1981 in Munich, Phil always loved to create his own games. Designing new rules and game elements on top of existing board games like “Hero Quest” or “Star Quest”, he soon discovered the PC as a platform for creating small computer games with “GW BASIC” and later “Turbo Pascal”.

In 2005 Phil made the decision to make his dream come true and become a part of the professional game development industry. After studying Game Design at a german game dev school, he finally got his first job as a gameplay scripter in a small game dev company at Hanover in 2006. Until 2013 he participated in the development of over 6 games for consoles and the PC.

Since September of 2012 he also teaches game design at a local public school.

At Bad Habit Games, Phil is in charge of game design, gameplay scripting and particle creation – also he is in place when there is the need of a “dirty” photoshop task.

Markus Haschny

Markus Haschny

Born 1980 in the beautiful city of Vienna, Max always dreamt of programming his own game engine. Early he started to guzzle down each source of programming knowledge he could get into his fingers. His coding skills advanced constantly – there are rumors out that one of his finger tips is covered with a birthmark that actually looks like the phrase “C++”!

Max decided to expand his horizon and signed a contract as a game programming teacher at a small austrian game dev school. Soon he realized that this wouldn’t be the real challenge he was searching for. He “upgraded” to a big game dev studio at vienna where he was able to get both: to use and to expand his knowledge.

After working on several PC and console titles as a tool, gameplay and engine programmer he made another meaningful decision – starting a company, creating his very own game – Starbattle!

At Bad Habit Games, Max is responsible for engine, network and tool programming.