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game_elementsThese are the main game elements of Starbattle.
Gameplay elements
normal_wallsStarbattle is classic 8-Directions movement!
normal_wallsIt’s all about movement and strategic positioning – Fire plasmashots out of your stars’ jags clock wisely. There can be only one shot at a time on the screen, when a shot has been destroyed you may fire the next one.
normal_wallsSpin your star to attack close opponents! The melee attack can be blocked!
Battle-Arena elements
normal_wallsNormal walls will block shots and can’t be passed by stars.There are also moving normal walls.
spiked_wallsSpiked walls will deal damage on collision and as the normal walls they will block shots. Watch out for the moving versions of these walls!
sawbladesThese razor sharp sawblades will deal heavy damage to colliding stars!
Don’t get too close!
the_doorsIn Starbattle, doors can opened by shooting them. Open doors will close automatically after a while.
exploding_barrelsExploding barrels! You won’t need an advice how to handle them, right?
black_holesThese spots of concentrated mass will teleport your star to another, random selected black hole!
cathodesHigh voltage! When a star touches an electric arc it will get shocked! You should keep an eye on the red arc “balls” – they will show electric sparks shortly before an electric arc is spawned.
divertersThe shot diverters will deflect your stars’ shots in direction of the shown arrow. Use them for an tactical advantage!
mystereous_starOld written records are telling that this mystereous star has sold its soul to the evil. It will fire random plasma shots – don’t get too close!
itemsItems, items, items – these are the most powerful game elements in Starbattle. Whenever you see one of those try to collect it! Items will upgrade your stars’ abilities or will activate useful special attacks!